• How can I register for participation in the Univention Summit?

    Please register for the Univention Summit here. After successful registration, you will receive an order confirmation by email including an access link to the online event platform.

  • How do I register on the online event platform?

    Simply click on the access link in your order confirmation. If you cannot find the email, ask to resend the link here. Please also check the spam folder in your mailbox.
    Please note: We will grant access to the online venue only a few days before the Univention Summit.

  • How can I take part in a speech?

    On the online event platform, you will find the speech stages as well as the workshop and round table rooms in the main menu on the left. From there you get to the live streams or BigBlueButton rooms.

  • I speak English - how can I participate?

    The event platform is bilingual (German / English). In addition, simultaneous interpreters will translate the Main Track as well as the UCS Technology, UCS Practice and the Public Sector Track. Those will be offered as separate live streams.

  • Which are the technical requirements for participation?

    You do not need to install any additional software to participate. All you need is a current browser. We recommend Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Chromium or Microsoft Edge.

  • How can I ask questions during a talk?

    Whenever you will have a question, simply enter it into the question tool next to the live stream on the right side. Please note: As all questions will be checked and approved by our moderators, it may take a while before your question will be displayed. If you find any question interesting, you can rate it with a “+1”. Our moderators will select the highest rated questions and ask the speakers to answer them at the end of the speech. Therefore, please ask your questions during the talk.

  • I have problems with the platform. Where can I find help?

    On the online event platform, there is a link to our help desk in the main menu.
    In urgent cases, can call us at: +49 421 22232-83

  • I can't log in. What shall I do?

    To enter the online event platform, you need the access link from your order confirmation email. If you cannot find the email, ask to resend the link here.

  • I am a sponsor having problems with the platform. Where can I find help?

    Please use the sponsor help desk in the main menu of the event platform. In urgent cases, call us at: 030/921 05 978

  • I am a speaker having problems. Where can I find help?

    Please write an e-mail to our speaker manager Alex. In urgent cases, you can call him directly. Of course, our helpdesk colleagues are also there for you.

  • How do I take part in a workshop or round table?

    You can access the workshops and round tables via the main menu of the online event platform. To actively participate, you may need to give your browser access to your microphone and webcam. We recommend using a headset, but there is also a text chat available.

  • How do I participate in the exhibition or get in contact with exhibitors and sponsors?

    You can access the exhibition via the main menu of the event platform. There you will find an overview of all sponsors.

    Each sponsor’s presentation will give you information about the organization itself, and using the red button “contact exhibitor”, you can make direct contact. After pressing the button, the stand staff has 30 seconds to respond to your request. If it does, you will enter a text chat that allows you to start a (video) call. If the sponsor doesn’t have any contact person available in that moment, a message will be left that you can be contacted via chat during the course of the conference.

  • How can I cancel my participation?

    You can cancel your participation via the link in your confirmation email. If you have any further questions, send us an e-mail to: summit@univention.de

  • Are there any costs for canceling my participation?

    Cancellation is free of charge.

  • When do I get the invoice for my participation?

    You will receive the invoice immediately after registration. If you have not received an invoice or lost it, send us an e-mail to: summit@univention.de

  • How can I take part in the virtual technology bar camp on January 29?

    The Technology Barcamp will take place independently of the Univention Summit. Registered participants will receive a link in advance by email, which they can use to login to the BigBlueButton room.