As a German manufacturer for UTM firewall and Wi-Fi products, we work in the business and education sectors and have focused on the education industry with Schulfirewall.de. The digitalization of everyday school life offers many opportunities, but also harbors risks. A responsible and conscious use of media as well as a secure IT network environment are therefore basic requirements for a digital school. Our many years of experience in the education sector and close cooperation with teachers, headmasters and school authorities have allowed us to develop a product that has grown from the challenges of everyday school life.

OctoGate Schulfirewall is a complete solution for the holistic school IT equipment. Thanks to dynamic protective filter functions, the Schulfirewall combines all the essential properties of a future-proof IT solution: data security, federally tested youth protection, virus scanner, VPN connection and interfaces to various classroom management systems. We complete our portfolio with our own modules such as the Wi-Fi access points, the OctoGate network switches and our cloud solutions.

With our Managed Service and the included German-speaking manufacturer support, we offer schools, municipalities and school administrators a complete solution from a single source.

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