plusserver is the leading German multi-cloud data service provider. We combine our own cloud solutions with the services of the hyperscalers in a unique way to create an individual, managed multi-cloud. This allows our customers to act independently of their provider at all times and to maintain control of their own data.

Customers’ existing IT can also be integrated seamlessly into the future-proof multi-cloud, facilitating gradual modernization and opening the way for digital sovereignty and innovative strength. Customers can focus entirely on new digital business models, as the plusserver services include not only the cloud strategy and migration, but also operation and regular optimization of performance and cost-effectiveness.

GDPR-compliant and certified data centers in Germany meet even the strictest requirements in relation to data protection and data security. Our company works around the clock to ensure the availability of its systems in is own data centers and offers a high level of guaranteed uptime in its Service Level Agreement.

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