agorum Software GmbH, based in Ostfildern near Stuttgart, is the developer of a pioneering document management system (DMS) platform called agorum core, which paves the way for organisations from all industries to work in a fully digitized environment. The DMS solution combines the strengths of a document management system with file sharing, customer relationship management (CRM), project and workflow management, as well as countless features for efficient mobile work, including in the home office.

Founded in 1998, the owner-managed company has also made agorum core 2008 on-premise software available as a free open source solution called agorum core open. The software has been fully available in the cloud since 2019. More than 500 customers of all industries and sizes appreciate mobile, trouble-free and location-independent work with the solution. It bundles all the requirements and information of a company on a central platform. agorum saves interfaces, maintaining and updating multiple systems and servers in everyday applications. This provides immense productivity growth and cost reduction that benefits more than 2.3 million users worldwide. For more information, see

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Oliver Schulze, CEO agorum Software GmbH

Oliver Schulze

agorum Software GmbH

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Rolf Lang

agorum Software GmbH

But please be safe! The handling of data has become increasingly negligent, and not just since home offices and homeschooling. Companies, administrations and schools have placed their sensitive data at the disposal of the large IT giants with blind trust. Document processes travel across servers all over the world, and the law of the respective country applies there. Much to the delight of Microsoft & Co. Find out why the solution is called open source and how to manage data securely in our keynote.
Workshop Day 1
Our open source document management is like the Swiss army knife: versatile, secure and solid. In the workshop, we talk about our Hall of Fame of customers and partners. How do they rock their digitization projects? What opportunities does our software offer partners? 100% from practice for practice. We look forward to seeing you!
Workshop Day 2
In our hands-on workshop, we will introduce you to our open source document management. Designed as a central system that can be used to map almost all business processes: Search & Find becomes a walk in the park in large amounts of data. Automated processes take the work out of structuring large amounts of data – that is agorum core’s specialty. Presented by the creators Rolf Lang and Oliver Schulze.

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