We offer small, medium-sized and large companies access to individualized high-tech processes and technologies used by large corporations. Together with our customers, we create new concepts for suitable web applications and software solutions. We then implement these as customer-specific applications, software as a service or managed services, depending on the customer’s requirements. We use modern and secure open-source frameworks for our applications.

meetling: meetling is the open source planning and conference tool for Jitsi Meet Server. Jitsi Admin can be used to arrange appointments, plan conferences and manage organizers.
meetling can be individually adapted to your own requirements. meetling relies on security by design for all functions.

Open Data Protection Center: The data protection center is aimed at companies that have individual requirements for data protection and the associated processing. As the source code is open, the software can be audited, checked and adapted.


Emanuel Holzmann - h2invent

Emanuel Holzmann

Managing Director H2 invent



Workshop Day 2, 11:30 am

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