itslearning is Europe’s largest provider of learning management systems (LMS) in schools. Founded in Norway in 1999, itslearning is an LMS tailored specifically for schools. With itslearning, education authorities and school boards provide their schools with a tool that serves to systematically work with valid curricula, increase the quality of teaching and the learning success of individuals. The core task of the learning-centered LMS is to enable the entire cycle of teaching: planning, activating, teaching, evaluating, reflecting and reporting.

New: itslearning and Univention ID-Broker are now connected!
This connection promises a smooth transition for the connection between country, carrier or school instances of UCS@school and itslearning. This eliminates time-consuming integration efforts that previously had to be carried out manually by school authorities.
This more convenient integration saves school administrators and teachers valuable time so that they can concentrate fully on teaching and leverage the advantages of media-supported learning together with their students.

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