Pure monocultures are a thing of the past, even in the desktop area. opsi (Open System Integration) is an Open Source client management system for heterogeneous environments. It manages Windows, Linux and, macOS clients — from a dozen to several thousand clients, even at distributed locations.
The core component is a Linux server which takes care of the automatic installation of the operating systems (Windows and Linux only), the distribution of software, the inventory of hardware and software as well as patch management on the client computers. Modules extend the functionality to include licence management, UEFI and secure boot support, etc.

opsi is used in many sectors: in companies, in public administrations, and in schools. For school boards and institutions in the educational sector, the platform ppop (pool of pedagogical opsi packages) is available to exchange special opsi packages. Administrators of UCS and UCS@school benefit from the opsi extension Director Connector. It synchronises data between the opsi clients and the UCS directory service.

opsi is developed and maintained by the company uib GmbH from Mainz. They also create ready-made installation, offer professional support, workshops, and training.

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