Sdui GmbH was founded in Koblenz in 2018 and, as the Sdui Group, is now one of the fastest-growing start-ups in the German edtech sector. As a reliable partner, it supports educational institutions, funding bodies and ministries with digitalization and develops the operating system for digital schools and daycare centers.

With currently over 200 employees, the Sdui Group is represented in over 70 countries worldwide. A total of around 13,000 educational institutions currently use the platforms.

The Sdui Group simplifies the everyday life of schools and daycare centers with secure and smart software. With our leading products in the areas of communication and organization (Sdui), administration and management (PUPIL) as well as learning and grade management (Additio), we are already established at educational institutions worldwide.

In addition, we implement complementary stand-alone and infrastructure solutions for educational institutions and ministries. With our team of experts in educational technologies, we develop individual and innovative solutions for and with our customers and also reliably implement projects at national level.

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