Sdui is a digital platform that facilitates the daily life of schools. The aim of Sdui is to simplify communication and organization in schools, making learning more effective and accessible. Using features such as chat, video calls, cloud, timetable, digital class register and translations, Sdui creates the infrastructure for digital education. Thanks to the Sdui app, everyone involved in the school community – teachers, parents and pupils – can be connected. The security and simplicity of the solution are central: Sdui is GPDR-compliant and uses only German servers. In addition, the application is easy to use and compatible with common school administration programs, so that Sdui can be quickly deployed at schools with little effort.

Sdui Customer Support sees itself as a partner to schools on their journey in educational digitalization. Each school has a contact person by its side. In addition, there is the option of participating in digital training sessions in which Sdui experts explain how to use the app.

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