sofatutor is Germany’s most comprehensive online learning platform, which has been helping students and teachers have fun learning and improve grades for over 13 years. With over 10,000 learning videos, interactive exercises, learning texts, worksheets, the learning game Sofaheld, vocabulary trainers in three languages, and homework help, sofatutor offers teaching and learning content in 13 subjects from 1st grade to high school graduation.

More than 250,000 teachers as well as numerous schools, school boards and entire states already use sofatutor to digitally design their lessons.

Our licenses provide the right offer for every school and institution to integrate our quality-tested content into everyday school life based on individual needs. Our school license enables teachers to use sofatutor in class and for homework in a differentiated way and supports guided learning. With the help of our school license Premium, all students also receive full access to the platform and can thus independently prepare and review content, close knowledge gaps and prepare for class tests.

Through our connection to Univention’s ID-Broker, especially institutions and federal states can connect their schools even better and benefit from particularly favorable conditions. Feel free to contact us!

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