XWiki is a fully-featured Open Source wiki used by thousands of organizations of all sizes to collaborate better and exchange information. XWiki projects range from small, ten-user deployments to large enterprise installations with thousands of users, as in the case of Amazon or Lenovo.

The tool comes with a powerful feature set. With structured data and in-page scripting, you can also go further and create advanced macros and applications. Hundreds of prebuilt extensions are available to install, making XWiki the most flexible and scalable enterprise wiki-based tool.

Our team is also ready to adapt XWiki to your custom needs. You can visit the website to learn more about custom solutions and how we have helped other organizations to use XWiki to manage knowledge, procedures, documentation, and implement other use cases.

XWiki SAS also develops CryptPad, a private-by-design, Open Source alternative to office tools and cloud services. Unlike other similar services, CryptPad uses encryption in the browser to prevent the service provider from reading the content of the documents, ensuring the confidentiality of your data.

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