Zammad is an open source helpdesk system that can be used as on-premise software or as Software as a Service (SaaS). As SaaS, it is hosted on German servers. Zammad is intuitive, flexible and a connectivity genius for connecting any of your company’s communication channels. Thus, you offer your team a ticketing system with a modern UI and numerous features to facilitate their daily work and thus delight your customers – all based on current data protection laws.

Zammad is based on current web technologies such as WebApp/HTML5, WebSockets or REST in the frontend and relies on Ruby on Rails in the backend. Thanks to its RESTAPI, Zammad can be implemented in existing system environments. It also offers many pre-installed connections, e.g. for telephone, user or monitoring management. Thanks to the different usage options and the modern and intuitive user interface, Zammad is a helpdesk for everyone – from one-man companies to large corporations. Discover your new helpdesk solution!

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